Multifactor Authentication: what is it?

 Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires each user to prove their identity using at least two different verification factors.

This technology helps website and platform owners improve their IT security.

Multi-factor authentication is essential to access a website or a mobile application.

Multifactor Authentication: what is it?

With multi-factor authentication, the attacker must go through several (at least two) factors in order to gain access to the account of the owner of the site or application. In this article, our experts explain to you the principle of operation of authentication. authentication, the different factors of MFA and the different types of multi-factor authentication technologies.

How does multiple authentication work?

Multi-factor authentication uses different types of technologies to identify an attacker or a user.

This multi-factor authentication is more effective than single-factor authentication. We are therefore talking about a double or even triple identification.

With multi-factor authentication or MFA, a user must combine 2 different verification technologies or 2 different authentication factors (for example, knowledge factor and possession factor).

To better understand this phenomenon, here is a small example: using a password and a PIN code (2 factors that belong to the same category “what you know”) is not multi-factor authentication. Now let's use a PIN code or a password with facial recognition (which belongs to the category “what you are”): this is multi-factor authentication.

Learn more about the different authentication factors:

Multi-factor authentication

The factors fall into 3 categories:

  • Knowledge factor: what you know
  • Possession factor: what you have
  • Inherence factor: what you are

The 3 main factors for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are:

MFA: knowledge factor

To get to know a user, there are several techniques and solutions to use:

  • The password
  • PIN code
  • The passphrase,
  • Security issues

To access your application or website, you must correctly enter the information that you have already registered in the online application.

MFA: possession factor

Before the appearance of smartphones, a user carried smart cards or tokens, which generate an OTP security code or password. This code will be requested to access your online application.

Nowadays, we see that a user often installs an authentication application on his tablet or smartphone. This application has the role of creating one-time pass keys (OTP).

MFA: inherence factor

This factor highlights a user's biometric data. These data are as follows:

  • fingerprints
  • Retina scans
  • facial recognition
  • voice recognition
  • Behaviors

The different types of MFA technologies

There are several types of multi-factor authentication technology. Among the most common are:

Biometric authentication

Biometric modalities represent a form of authentication allowing the precise and secure identification of a user, through his mobile device.

The best-known biometric technologies are:

  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint scanning

This type of authentication also includes behavioral biometrics. This technology authenticates a user based on their behavior with their PC or smartphone: keystrokes, swipes, mouse movements, etc.

Hardware tokens

Hardware authentication represents easy-to-use devices for accessing a network service.

It relies on OTP codes for hardware tokens to provide a possession factor for multi-factor authentication. This technology enables optimal IT security for application providers and banks that support the security of multiple applications with a single device.

mobile authentication

Mobile authentication is the act of identifying a user with their Android or iOS device, or verifying the device itself.

This technology allows the user to connect to websites and access online resources with optimal security.

Out of Band Authentication

Out-of-band authentication requires a secondary verification method. This method uses a separate communication channel.

Among the examples of out-of-band technologies, we distinguish: Cronto code, Push notification, SMS text message, Voice message, Software token…

Multi-factor authentication is an identification technique that supportscyber securityof your company and strengthens the IT security of your site or mobile application.

All about Business Intelligence

 To achieve their business goals, companies need to use the right systems. These systems contain marketing tools that allow them to manage their data well. Business Intelligence is one of the most remarkable solutions to achieve this. Nevertheless, some newly established companies do not yet have a perfect knowledge of this system. This article will then tell you all about Business Intelligence as well as its functions and benefits.

All about Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

By definition, Business Intelligence (BI) refers to a technological system that allows companies to analyze their data in order to make good business decisions. Nowadays, several large companies use this system to manage their databases and know how to direct their business activities. It uses several tools ofdata managementwith advanced technical methods.

Indeed, thanks to the development of technology, Business Intelligence has several options to easily extract information. Thus, decision-makers no longer struggle to analyze their data and test the reliability of their marketing strategies. At first, this system was only designed for the field of information technology. But today, it is accessible to all companies by providing them with a range of advantages. Next, let's discuss how Business Intelligence works.

How Business Intelligence works

Business Intelligence primarily includes CRM tools. These are customer relationship management instruments within a company. These can make it possible to carry out several marketing analyses. They also show in a dashboard, the commercial performance of the company. Moreover, Business Intelligence does not give directives to business leaders. However, it is likely to help them to fully understand the evolution of their activities. Thus, when a marketing strategy does not bring the desired results, they can think of a change of method.

To master the functioning of Business Intelligence as well as its analyses, decision-makers can take courses. This then allows them to understand market trends in relation to their areas of activity. Moreover, apart from CRM tools, there are also business intelligence tools. These facilitate thedata governanceto operators. Through this medium, they can easily search for marketing data and query it to get answers to their concerns.

Why is Business Intelligence important?

Only companies that have already experienced this analysis system can fully understand the importance of Business Intelligence. However, it is important to know why companies should adopt Business Intelligence. Indeed, corporate decision-making processes are often ambiguous and lengthy, especially when certain complexities arise. So, the most important thing is to make your job easier by using tools to speed up decision-making. Likewise, Business Intelligence has a strong impact on internal business processes. This is obvious, because it allows marketing operations to be carried out quickly in good conditions. Thanks to this asset, it is certain that the company achieves its business objectives.

Moreover, one of the big threats for companies in the market is competition. Business Intelligence is important in that it really helps overcome competitors through more optimized marketing methods. This system is not intended for any particular type of business. Whether it is an SME or a large company, Business Intelligence always demonstrates its effectiveness. It provides entrepreneurs with all the means to improve and accelerate revenue generation. The increase in the company's economic resources is therefore assured.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence systems have a host of benefits for those who use them. First, they have a strong ability to increase business productivity. In addition, improving marketing strategies allows them to improve their visibility. Thus, companies record larger and more ergonomic customer portfolios. In addition, the analysis of Business Intelligence makes it possible to closely monitor commercial activity. Decision-makers and operators can easily detect the risks in progress and prevent them in time. It is also a favorable way to get a perfect idea about the internal workings of companies and the streamlining of business processes.

Quality content for a successful communication strategy

 Creating and producing content for the web is more than just writing. It is an integral part of the communication strategy of a brand that wants to gain visibility on the web. An expert like acontent writing agency in Madagascaris able to help you increase your natural referencing and your turnover.

Quality content for a successful communication strategy

The importance of web writing

Writing content for the web is essential to gain visibility on the Internet. The content you offer on your website can be used as a marketing tool. The information you provide to your visitors or Internet users can directly influence their judgment and point of view.

Today, one out of two consumers consults websites to find a solution to a need or a problem. Indeed, people take the time to consult a blog or a site before buying a product or to find an idea of ​​purchase. Instead of spending time on an unsuccessful mailing policy, it is better to focus on producing quality, targeted and useful content for each of your readers.

Inbound marketing and copywriting agency

Web content writing follows the rules of inbound marketing. That is to say, it uses popular and high-potential keywords to boost a site's visibility. It highlights various levers such as natural referencing.

Each text or content from a web writing agency meets both the requirements of Internet users and those of search engines. You can call on this professional to manage your e-reputation, design the design of your site, redesign or manage and develop your presence on the net.

Writing is an important branch for a company that wants to reach as many consumers as possible via the Internet. The best way to achieve this is to take care of the content of your site, which is long-term and time-consuming work. To focus your attention on your core business, it is advisable to outsource the production of your site's content.

A copywriting agency to track your KPIs

The referencing of a site on the web and the creation of content to feed it is a matter of data. The writing relies on the use of databases for the development of quality and unique content.

Seeking their help to track your KPI or performance indicator allows you to stay on the first page of search results. For good reason, by having continuous knowledge of your impact on the web, you have the possibility of adjusting your inbound marketing policy.

For example, through the audit of your editorial agency, you have the opportunity to know the latest trends and hot topics. Your agency can carry out a mini internet watch for you to allow your site to offer content in line with the centers of interest of Internet users.

Price predictions for the Samsung Galaxy S22 by Idealo

 Samsung's Galaxy S22 series consists of three very high-end phones, namely the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra. These devices, which present themselves as the torchbearers of the new generation of smartphones from the Korean giant, display different prices sometimes exceeding 1,000 euros. Idealo had the good idea to make price forecasts for these three prestigious smartphones so that you can wait for the right moment to buy them and thus save money.

Price predictions for the Samsung Galaxy S22 by Idealo

The launch prices of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series

The prices set by Samsung at the launch of its new Galaxy smartphones are as follows:

  • The Galaxy S22 on sale from 859 euros
  • The Galaxy S22 + offered from 1059 euros
  • The Galaxy S22 Ultra available from 1259 euros

As you can see, the price differences between these three phones are quite stark. This is understandable since they do not all have the same characteristics. The Galaxy S22, the cheapest, is a compact terminal with a 6.1-inch screen. While the Galaxy S22+ has a larger panel, this one being 6.6 inches. It is a model that is thus recommended for users wishing to enjoy all the streaming content in excellent conditions. But if you don't want a bulky phone, the best thing is to go for the Galaxy S22. In any case, you will be entitled to a smartphone with an AMOLED panel, with Full HD + definition and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, the guarantee of a fluid display.

If the Galaxy S25 Ultra is the most expensive of this new series, it's because it deserves it. The format of this phone is large, with a diagonal of 6.8 inches. In addition, it has an S Pen stylus in its chassis, which makes it a good device for taking notes or sketching on the fly. It is also a smartphone perfectly suited to the needs of photographers, whether amateur or professional. Indeed, its photo block includes a main sensor of 120 megapixels, as well as a wide-angle of 12 megapixels and 2 telephoto lenses of 10 megapixels. Thanks to the first telephoto lens, it is possible to make an optical zoom x10 and a space zoom x100. As for the second, it provides an optical zoom x3 and a space zoom x30. All this to tell you that using the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can take beautiful shots,

Follow Idealo forecasts and have a little patience to save money

By following Idealo's forecast, you will know when Galaxy S22 prices will drop. You may be interested in one of these devices, but currently don't have the budget to buy one. The trick is to have a little patience, activate a price alert andfollow the Idealo guideIn general, introductory prices for Samsung devices drop quickly. And if you're patient, you can save a lot of money.

For example, if you wait 2 months, you may save 28% on the purchase of a Galaxy S22. Clearly, you can save 240 euros on the acquisition of this phone if you wait until 2 months pass after the official date of its sale to make this acquisition. In Idealo's forecast, in the event of a one-month wait, you can benefit from a 15% reduction, which represents a gain of around 130 euros.

As for the Galaxy S22+, Idealo's forecasts indicate that its price could drop significantly 5 months after its launch. If you wait all this time, you will be able to benefit from a reduction of 350 euros on the current price. The price drop would be greater in the event of an 11-month wait. Because according to Idealo's forecasts, a saving of 40% could be achieved at the moment, which would amount to a reduction of 440 euros.

As for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Idealo's forecasts indicate that its price will decrease from the 3rd month after it goes on sale. You can thus make a hundred euros of profit by offering you this device at the moment. And know that it will be possible to buy it for less than 900 euros from the 4th month of presence on the market.

Creditiz arrives in France to revolutionize the way to obtain credit online

 Creditiz(“Credit in one click”), the platform that helps French people obtain their bank loans for free and 100% online, has just arrived on the French market. The fintech is the subsidiary of Prestalo in Spain, which already helps more than 150,000 customers per month and revolutionizes the way of obtaining a personal loan.

Creditiz arrives in France to revolutionize the way to obtain credit online

Get a bank loan online

In France, the steps to apply for a loan are difficult and take a lot of time, you still have to go to three different banks on average to compare the offers: they waste time, energy and money. In general, they do not find offers that really correspond to their needs.

With Creditiz, the process is completely different. By simply going to its website and filling out a quick form, you will receive several offers in order to choose the one that best meets your expectations, with just one click.

How it works ?

Creditiz uses Machine Learning to best advise customers and help them get the best deal. This technology is based on machine learning in order to analyze the data of each customer and match them with the banks that best match their profile. In this way, Creditiz not only helps loan seekers, but also banks to find the best customer and thus reduce their costs and minimize risks.

Creditiz changes the relationship of customers with their banks, bringing them speed, security and transparency in their bank loan application process.

The partners

Creditiz has already launched partnerships with major French banks in order to offer its financial products to its customers: Cetelem (BNP Paribas), Cofidis (Crédit Mutuel), Younited Credit, Floa Bank (formerly Casino Banque) & Cashper (micro-credit) . The objective is to set up very advanced API integrations with them in order to offer the best customer experience from its platform.

Mobile application: Which programming language to choose?

 Developing your mobile application is not an initiative to be taken lightly. Legitimate questions may be running through your mind as to the ideal programming language. Configuration code is a conventional way of formulating algorithms. Thereafter, you can use it as computer encryption.

As part of a native encryption, you must imperatively turn to a language of the same nature as the operating system. Discover some solutions available to you in terms of programming language for mobile application.

Mobile application: Which programming language to choose?

The appropriate programming languages ​​for the Android system

Creating an Android mobile extension is a good way to reach a fairly large audience. These applications allow smartphone users to obtain very effective functionalities adapted to their needs. To get such a beneficial tool, you can turn toa web development company who promises you quality services.

For example, when you want to design an Android camera app and various other features, you have to code natively. The best solutions in this framework are Kotlin, C, C++ and Java.

What is Java?

Java is the most popular official native language of the Android system. The Android Studio development environment can validly claim its creation. Note, however, that this extension tool can be very difficult to learn.

What is Kotlin?

What is Kotlin?

It's only recently that Kotlin has emerged as an official secondary language through Google. Many similar points exist between the latter and Java. You will be glad to know that Kotlin is easier to use than the other. Besides, you can easily combine it with Java. This is why it is increasingly positioning itself as the new standard.


These ciphers just fit Android Studio software development. You must use it through the Android NDK. This gives the right to an implementation of the native code with C/C++. The latter is usually the basis of 3D games. You can also easily master this language with some effort.

Ios application programming languages

This development is the simplest on the market today. There are not enough encryption languages ​​for this operating system. One of the very first ones you're going to take advantage of is Objective-C. Tom Love and Brad Cox created it in 1984. It was the initial encryption model for iOS mobile apps. You can use it on OS X, Ios devices and their various programming interfaces.

Ios application programming languages

You can also choose this programming language for launching a native iPhone application. Note, however, that this is not enough to meet the current needs of the sector. Not only is it very complex to use, but it is getting old.

This is the reason why Apple put Swift on the market in 2014. The latter then became the primary language of the iOS operating system. Its assets are innumerable.

The Progressive Web App

The Progressive Web App is now the new internet app. To know this notoriety, the programmer uses technologieswebsiteclassics in design. Among its many essential tools, you can count the Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. This markup language is specially dedicated to the construction and generalization of online pages.

You will also find the Cascading Style Sheet, or CSS, in web software developers. Its purpose is to specify how HTML elements on a page will look. In addition, it allows to select the characters, the background color and the font.

What is Java?

Finally, JavaScript also carves out a place of choice in the list of the best web programming languages. Its purpose is to create dynamically updated content. You can also take the opportunity to control multimedia content, animate pages and control multimedia content. Note also that it acts as a derivative of C.

The most important thing to know is that the native algorithm is the central point of the mobile software shared on the Stores. Remember, however, that today you have the possibility of creating mobile software without having to resort to original languages. From online encryptions, you can get quite powerful web apps. This is very practical, even for beginners.

The key to choosing the right programming language for a mobile app is to consider your goals. When you entrust your project to a professional, you can benefit from better advice.